Alicante Health and Beauty

Many of the finest spas, gyms and beauty salons can be found in the Alicante region. You can take your pick from the latest techniques and equipment to ancient rituals from across the world. Why not try something new during your stay?

The Alicante region is one of the healthiest places to live, according to the World Health Organisation. While you are here, you could enjoy a spa treatment, beauty treatment or book a health or wellness holiday. In the southern Alicante region, you can experience open-air mud baths in the natural lagoons at La Mata or relax in the salt waters of the Torrevieja lagoon.

Clinica Baviera

If you have poor eyesight or failing eyesight because of age, Clinica Baviera can open your eyes to clearer vision. Clinica Baviera is a market leader in eye laser surgery.

Feel Great Breaks

Combining relaxing yoga with the fun of Stand Up Paddle, snorkelling or kayaking plus a holiday in the sun in a gorgeous hotel are just some ways to make you feel great on holiday.